Sunday, September 12, 2010

What should I do????

'Decision making' is one of the major attributes which we have to accept whether we want it or not.Many times I ponder over some of my major decisions which had,have and will have an affect on my life; then I get lost in the spiral which fills me with guilt.I realise a little more hardwork and a firm decision of not letting go would have gotten me where I was actually supposed to be.But this moment is more precious aint it? Everybody makes mistakes.The grass always appears greener on the other side.But the point is even if it is greener, am I a cow grazing???I am human and I can take decisions that ruin or make my life thats why I am here and thats why I would be responsible for anything I do.I cant blame anyone!
Living and crying,living and laughing,living and thinking,living and enjoying,living and loving....Living goes with everything,every moment is to be lived by us, not by someone else who's brave enough to take our decisions and thus take blame for them.
All this is a lot of philosophy,which I wouldnt have read in any other blog unless it relates to me.I guess it would most to most of us youngsters...So lets decide and live the moment as we want :)...

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