Friday, May 14, 2010

The cobbler

I miss my grandpa a lot.When he passed away last year; it kindled a lot of old memories!!A lot of these memories had many subtle points which I never noticed.Upon further dwelling,they make me realise now,how myriad and beautiful is human life;however long or short it might be!!
I remember this one thing about my grandpa a lot.He lived in mumbai with us for a few years.Not knowing hindi so well did not deter him from befriending a lot of people.His friends or rather his 'Hi' mates, were usually common people whom we often miss out on.He used to wave a 'Hello' to the shopkeeper round the corner, the nariyal paniwala at the junction, a rather hefty autowallah (whos lazy enough to do only local business,so would often turn down my request to drop me down at west and would instead catch me another auto) and was quite a buddy to the corner cobbler.
This cobbler was an old guy who had a cheerful smile up whenever he waved to my grandpa.The cobbler lived in a small shackie most of the day time mending up shoes(some of them for free, including ours :P).During heavy rains he would be gone; we ll look at his shackie and hope he was safe.
Upon learning about my grandpa recently; the cobbler shed a tear. Such a strange world ; a complete stranger to whom you hardly talk feels bad about your grandpa passing away.
This is the reason why; we should acknowledge all the people who come into this weird journey called life!!They might not share any business with you!They might not be of any relevance to your day-to-day routine but it when comes to the fact of being a good person, you gotta be humble!Else you won't have 84 years with 84 millions of faces to remember and cherish!!

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