Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's meet!

Let's meet and then:
Let's take a walk,
Have some chai at a roadside stall...
Let’s watch the sun rise sitting on the promenade,
Observe the splashing of the cool ocean with hot samosas nearby...
Let’s talk animatedly forgetting where we are and what we are,
See the world through each others’ ideas...
Let’s paint a wall randomly,
Observe the hues mix deeply within...
Let’s hop in the rain and splash the water around,
Forget that we are not very young...
Let’s race each other on cycles.
Let’s play hide and seek and shriek when we are found.
Let’s find a laden tree and pluck the fruits discreetly,
Oh and then let’s run for we are not to be found thieving around...
Let’s play football, you teach me some tricks I’ll kick ‘em around!
Let’s go rafting down a voracious river shouting in thrill,
Or better yet go in a roller coaster with several loops and shout inside out !!!
Let’s sit together play some cards over some snacks.
Let’s later sit singing our all time favorite songs.
Let’s discuss some funny incidents from the past and feel nostalgic.
Let’s then fight a bit for we need to test our friendship sometimes,
Let’s forget it and laugh over it, for we need a flavor in our memories...
Let’s take a picture of this mighty day with myriad experiences for our memory is a lost paradise!

Let’s part, it makes our next meeting even more exciting and adventurous!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Really nice lines....
    Feeling nostalgic..... :)