Tuesday, November 20, 2012

From Romeo to Juliet........

Just when you smile, my world turns upside down,
then I realise I have fallen: fallen flat around,
Music is not an art for amateurs or so I used to think,
But this strange malady makes my heart sing,
Then you turn around flinging you hair,
It makes me shout this is just not fair,
If all the beauty lies in you my dear,
You should think, how much can a single man bear?
If all the wealth in the world were on one side and you on another,
I would float right to you like a light feather...
O dear, I swear I ll never make you sad,
I will shield you from everything bad;
If this promise is ever to be broken,
Just remember I ll offer my life as a token;
O my Juliet, where art thou now? My eyes search far and wide,
I want you to be mine, I want you by my side!


  1. ohhh kya baat h... khon h aisa lucky :):P

  2. Wowie :) Nice, sweet and romantic poem. Romeo should find his Juliet for sure, with such words behind him. Well penned.

  3. finally mustered the courage to comment on a poetry. i do enjoy reading poems but often don't find suitable words to appreciate them.

    it was a lovely read!!!