Monday, August 27, 2012


One of the best spiritual entourages I ve been to has been to a hill temple at Shollingur...Its marvellous and scenic.Both peaceful and exciting at the same time.The story goes that inorder to cool down after killing Hiranyakashyap, Lord Narasimha came to the main hill and rested in yogic posture at its peak.Alongside there is another smaller hill where Lord Hanuman is in a similar posture.It is proved that the line of sight between the two idols match perfectly as if one were teaching the other....!
I climbed a total of 1308 steps up the first hill, and 805 steps up the second hill : all in a matter of hours :P...I guess some divine force was at work ;)
But the best part of this journey were the monkeys all around...I ve captured some exciting clicks: some of which I treasure the most...Check them out :)

My destination!!

Now my journey:

Chalo lets have breakfast !

We two ours one :P!!

Oh...please wake up for the family pic atleast :P!!

I wont share... :/

Down the rocky hill!!

Introspection: life is long and tough!

Wake up dad!!

Should I say 'Cheese' or 'banana'??

Now he escapes... 
Still a long way!

Part of nature...

Oh this breeze :) and that monkey :P!
Is it a movie?

Back down...a panoramic view!

The path....... :)

Have a nice day!

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