Saturday, April 17, 2010


The universal teasing game has its own pro and cons....It is the best way to irritate some and the best way to make some people secretly happy...Opposites attract...People whom you dislike at the first shot may sometimes become closer to you than your closest ones!!!
Teasing should never be to disparage someone! Rather it should be a mellow to the occult desires of others; but you may not realize it till the end!
At my college teasing is a common habit(atleast among girls); we start linking off some XYZ with our friends and start teasing them!!!A small cute smile from a guy is enough to start of this business!A small little party-day confession of a crush may cause a bigger teasing era to start ;)!I admit teasing game is a long played one; right from our school days but in college we see the game transform into reality right in front of our eyes!Whoa!
Lemme tell u wat happened!Last year, we started teasing our classmate with a guy she hardly knows just because she borrowed his drafter (I admit we were totally bored and jobless)!!!!She shouted at us the first time!She whined a bit the second time!She seemed irritated a wee bit the third time..We gave her a dare to go speak to that guy for 2 minutes during a free hour...She refused at first,later after much persuasion and teasing she went ahead and spoke to him...Boom...Just a month later they were sitting(a bit too close for comfort) hand in hand under a tree on a stone bench :P !!!Cupid had stuck !! But were we the cupid????
We never knew how phone numbers got exchanged or how they spoke and started liking each other; but what we knew for sure is that we started the process!

One wiser tip for the guys out there, girls usually like to tease the guys they like with someone else just to make sure no one knows!!!

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