Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The best of me

Alive, I am,
but for a few hours, dead asleep,
Alive, I am,
but for a few hours, watching the screen,
Alive, I am,
but for the couple of hours, commuting away,
Alive, I am,
but for the cacophony all around,
Alive I am,
but for the routine of a day,

Well, alive am I? I am obliged to ask....
Yes, I affirm, for the wanderer in me travels miles together,
Just looking at the moon she leaps altogether.
The wayfarer in me, doesn't tire so easy,
She does go on forever & is never so lazy...
She smiles at a kid, not wanting to disappoint,
She smiles like a kid, not so much in control,
Travel is her passion, close & quaint,
Travel keeps her humming, light & faint,
She sees the world in a lens of her own,
She takes those moments to her world, when alone,
She carries those pictures for her to show,
She shares them with the world for them to know,
That the little we have between sunrise & sunset,
Is the little we can to end up with no regret,

I like her in me, for she is more of me.
I call her back & forth, for she is the best of me!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The simple life

Birds of my song,
Lilting to my tune,
Memoirs of my dear,
My love my queen!
The waves dragging your feet,
And your languid trail by the sea,
Our names on the seashore,
May it remind you of me,
Its my path & your destiny,
Or is it the other way round?
Why are our fates entwined
I may never know
I know you , I know me
I know the world around.
You say, if life were so simple
As the timeless chirp of birds
You would sing the love song
I would whistle along.
Just take a day off
Off from your beaten path
Lets get lost together
I will find you at last!
Ask me why,
not where we shall go
I would tell a story
And you would know.
That life is simple
with all honour & glory
Its just us or may be the world
who build up the story!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sing a song...

I sing a song for the birds to hear,
I sing it loud and clear,
It doesn't matter to them or me,
It doesn't matter my dear,
The day was long,
The dusk is near,
Yet it doesn't matter my dear....
I sing a song for the birds to hear,
I sing it loud and clear,
It makes the trees sway left and right,
It makes the bees stand upright,
The flowers bloom for the bees to taste,
The hoppers jump to show some haste,
Yet it doesn't matter my dear :)
The serious talks,the anger like hawks,
the pride of power and the power of money,
Nothing ever matters my dear.....
The tune of life and beats of love,
Both interplay a musical existence and thats when you must
sing a song for the birds to hear,
Sing it loud and clear.....

This is me singing ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The rolled parchment (Part 1)

It was a rather dull day, dry and arid. It reminded one of those desolate plains in Sahara. The kids scurrying around the house were the only signs of life. No birds chirping outside, no bells of the roadside temple, no cycle bells, no horns of vehicles plying on road. It felt as if everybody but the kids were on a snooze mode.
The kids were playing hide and seek.Every single time some kid is caught the others shriek and get caught too.Then they do the same thing again. There is no monotony in their play, because they do it with absolute enthusiasm.
The house was peeling plaster at places and yet the beauty and aura of an old house hung around. The pillars were very huge and broad, good places for the kids to hide.There were hundreds of patterns on each pillar: mostly floral. The stone floor was cold, unlike the weather. Chipped at places, the floor stretched unevenly throughout the house.
Walking slowly, holding the walls and pillars, she moved from room to room.She was searching her grand-daughter. The girl wasn't playing with other kids.She was a very reticent girl.Always huddled in some corner of the house, looking at pictures or reading through newspaper bits, she rarely made her presence felt. Only her grandma could find her in the house.
The house was huge with ten rooms and a large verandah. Pots lined the verandah, most of them filled with water.The center of the house was roofless making it more unified with the elements of nature.The roof was tiled, the faded red baked tiles gave it a picturesque look.
If at all it rained like those good old days, the whole central area would be filled with water and kids would be sailing paper boats all over the mini-pond.But now the sun fiercely shone into the house making it bright and sultry.
But whatever be the weather, Pallavi would never be too involved. She remains aloof, humming some random tunes. She liked dressing up though, all the jewellery and make up fascinates her. One could always find her in a pretty ghagra, with neatly plaited hair and kohl lined eyes.
What was she dressing up for? Well, it is sad but true.She waits for her dad to take her to the fairies in the town.She has been waiting for a year.She knows that it won't take her dad so long to return from his visit to the town.She faintly remembers some one carrying her bleeding dad into the house.They took him back though.He was taken back while he was fast asleep.They lifted him on a parched bed made by her elder cousins.People were crying around her.Her grand-mom was always beside her, wiping her tears and smiling at her.Everything was alright, but something was amiss.
She doesn't remember her mom so well, but her cousins told her that her mom was taken away in the same way.They told her she was smiling with her eyes closed when she went.
Four people carried her dad away and her brother was leading them somewhere.
Her cousins told her that they all go to a very celebrated town, a place where everything is green,variety of flowers bloom there, children ride on horses and fairies bring gifts everyday.
She too wanted to go there, she was waiting for her dad to take her. At-least he can bring her gifts from the fairies.
But there were no signs of him returning.Every evening after crying for her dad she would doze off on her grand-mom's lap.

What would give her closure and make her realize that she has to move on? Is a twelve year old mature enough to understand life and death?Will the realization break her and scar her for life?How long can a seventy year old grand-mom stick around? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's meet!

Let's meet and then:
Let's take a walk,
Have some chai at a roadside stall...
Let’s watch the sun rise sitting on the promenade,
Observe the splashing of the cool ocean with hot samosas nearby...
Let’s talk animatedly forgetting where we are and what we are,
See the world through each others’ ideas...
Let’s paint a wall randomly,
Observe the hues mix deeply within...
Let’s hop in the rain and splash the water around,
Forget that we are not very young...
Let’s race each other on cycles.
Let’s play hide and seek and shriek when we are found.
Let’s find a laden tree and pluck the fruits discreetly,
Oh and then let’s run for we are not to be found thieving around...
Let’s play football, you teach me some tricks I’ll kick ‘em around!
Let’s go rafting down a voracious river shouting in thrill,
Or better yet go in a roller coaster with several loops and shout inside out !!!
Let’s sit together play some cards over some snacks.
Let’s later sit singing our all time favorite songs.
Let’s discuss some funny incidents from the past and feel nostalgic.
Let’s then fight a bit for we need to test our friendship sometimes,
Let’s forget it and laugh over it, for we need a flavor in our memories...
Let’s take a picture of this mighty day with myriad experiences for our memory is a lost paradise!

Let’s part, it makes our next meeting even more exciting and adventurous!!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I live my today.....

I live my today,
Not tomorrow or the day after,
I live to dream,
Not a life in dreams,
I live my today,
Not yesterday or the day before,
I live to create memories,
Not a life in retrospect,
I would sometime late in life: look back and smile;
A smile: toothless as it were, 
It would still remind me of those countless moments of fun 
And tireless days of joy.
I would sometime late in life: look back and weep;
Tears of joy: boundless and pure,
They would still remind me of those countless people, 
Those who mattered and who still do. 
Memories of Kohl lined eyes and eyes twinkling with joy,
Memories of freckled smiles and wrinkled laughs;
Memories of love,life and the journey till then;
Its just the beginning of a story,
A story with twists and turns not known when;
A story as it were to happen.
Each day at a time,
For you know and so do I,
I live my today : Don't ask me why!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Incessant chatter

A cutting chai in college canteen, hot samosas to pair them up with and yeah a group of friends huddled around a table generally reserved for them.This was the agenda of the lecture hour at 4pm bunked by many, mainly because it comes after a continuous and rigorous 3 hours of brain-whirling (or sleep inducing for quite a few) lectures.The conversations generally revolved around futile yet interesting gossips; but once in a while I managed to shift the gears to a debate.
I remember how it all started; just before the bell rang that fateful day, the professor made my friend stand up and apologise to him for talking to me. It wasn't fair because everybody was chatting away and we both were just clarifying what the professor meant. But luck doesn't usually favour the good, especially in a classroom. That is when I stood up and explained our short discussion to him; but my clarification made him lose his temper and we ended up losing that day's attendance.
Now, for a college student attendance is the most valuable asset he/she owns, for it is the only thing that you can't borrow or photocopy from your friend, when the semester ends and the exams near. So yes that day, the 4 pm discussions were aimed at mocking the system and the professor.But after a while I was distracted and should I say rather disappointed :P
That was when I turned around and noticed that the canteen was filled with souls who happily yapped away.
It doesn't matter if it was a good,bad or just another day; what matters is people always want to recount it in bits and parts, making it sound interesting to their friends. Its like news channels with repetitive news and flash lines; but in this case nobody minds it.All of us find respite in incessant chatter.Our heart aches are relieved and back we go for another fresh start.

So don't mind yapping away the next time ;)